Behaviors and Mannerisms of a Sex Addict

sex addict behaviorsSex addicts live among us in surprising numbers. People you see regularly, at work, school, church and the grocery store can be sex addicts. Because sex is a basic carnal need and the urge to have sex originates within the body, it is one of the most common and strong addictions that there is. Because it is so prevalent and because parts of our culture embrace or deny sex addiction, many people learn to hide their sex addiction carefully or project the image of a non-addict. It can be difficult to spot a sex addict, but if you are aware of which signs to look for, sex addiction is possible to assess.

Because there are many forms of sex addiction, its signs do not always look the same. Some sex addicts prefer to act alone, some with one other partner and some with multiple partners. Those who act alone are often addicted to masturbation, and will demand large amounts of privacy. The clearest way of telling if someone is a secret sex addict is how often they act reclusive. They may supplement their addiction with porn or sex toys, so demands on computers, rooms with TVs, hiding places for toys and finances are also present.

Sex addicts who are monogamous with one other person are usually discovered faster than others. When a sex addict has a life partner who they bring into their addiction, the partner will usually be able to tell. The addict will have heavy sexual demands and interests which involve frenzied behavior and obsessive fascination. When these demands are not met, they will demonstrate extreme emotions over sex, which may involve anger, dejection, control, jealousy or spite.

Sex addicts who have multiple partners are usually the most uninhibited, but because they may not be very close to any one particular partner, their addiction may not be discovered. Sex addicts with multiple partners typically have a larger sexual appetite rather than an unusual one and satisfy it by keeping a number of partners available to them.