Sex addiction can be defined as a sexual conduct which a person finds it difficult to control. Hence, this inability to control transcends to psychological stress which affects some aspects of the individual’s life. Some studies have shown that sexual addiction is usually propelled by seeking pleasure in a bid to step-down anxiety. Also, these studies have shown that certain behaviours which are linked with sexual addiction, are most times activated by the state of the mind, which includes depression, despair, misery and the likes.

Addiction to sex is a serious issue which calls for immediate and intensive treatment so that the individual can recover. Sex addiction has the capacity to destroy marriages, relationships, careers and even your life. There is a likely chance that depression would be experienced, and low self-esteem could set in. Some people who are addicted to sex are not willing to stop, hence, they feel there is no need for them to seek treatment.

The “high” feeling which is experienced during sexual activity, is the same which substance abusers experience. This pleasure is at the centre of the brain, and it serves as a recompense for the behaviour. Addiction to sex has a threatening effect on any relationship which you are involved in.

Individuals who are addicted to sex, often face problems such as:

  • Sour relationships: Sex addicts would definitely face a rot in their relationship. It could be with their spouse who complains often that their partner’s sexual drive is beyond normal. With time, the individual would discover that his relationship with his family and friends have been strained.
  • Shame and guilt: There is always a feeling of shame and guilt, when you come to the realization of the fact that you cannot control your sexual drive. What’s more, it gets worse when people know about your case, and pitch their tents far from you.
  • Inability to carry out duties and obligations: Sex addicts would also realize that they would hardly have time to perform essential roles which are required of them, as all what they would be focused on, is satisfying their sexual urge.
  • Contracting sexually transmitted diseases: Those who are hooked on sex would most likely have many sexual partners, and this increases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.