Sex is what we all crave at various points of our lives and for those who have had sex, it always turned out to be an enjoyable process.

However, the concept of addiction exists in our sex lives and most people are not aware of this. Primarily, sex addiction is a psychological problem which results when an individual is not able to control his or her sexual desires.

This suggests that they would have an unquenchable desire for sex beyond the regular rate. Every now and then, all that fills their mind is having sex. And they would go to any length to make sure that they satisfy themselves. For people like this, they cannot control their sexual behavior and this prevents them from living normal lives.

People who have sex addiction are known to be good day-dreamers and fantasizers. They think about sex every now and then, and it affects their relationships and marriages if they are in one. They also have a crazy sex drive that makes them want to have sex on a regular basis.

There are some activities that sex addicts usually engage in to satisfy their sex drive to an extent.

Worthy of mention is masturbation- This is a process where an individual undergoes the process of self-stimulation so that he or she can satisfy their sexual orgies at that particular time. The process of masturbation is always done discreetly.

Closely related to this is pornography. Lots of people who are addicted to sex, watch porn so that they can handle their crazy sex drive. They also do it discreetly so that other people will not see them. Also, people who watch pornography will definitely masturbate to satisfy themselves for that period.

Another activity is unsafe sex practice. Sex addicts would not care about the safety involved in having sex that would not result in contracting sexually transmitted diseases, so they would have sex without the needed protection.

The entire concept of sex addiction needs to be understood so that it would be easy to convince addicts to opt for treatment.