Common Sex Addictions

sex addictions commonA sex addiction can look like one of many things. Some sex addictions are common, such as an abnormally high libido that makes a person crave sex at a much higher rate than the average person. Some such addictions are eccentric and unlikely, such as craving sex with people who are wearing a particular costume. Sex addiction comes in many different forms and is highly influenced by each individual addict’s psychological makeup. Some of the more common sexual addictions are listed below:

  • Fetish: The term “fetish” is used to refer to having a sexual fascination with something that deviates outside of what is considered “normal sex.”┬áIt is arguable that any sex addiction is essentially a fetish, because sex addiction itself deviates outside of what is considered normal sex. A fetish, however, is usually an odd sexual fascination, such as the desire to have sex with people in wearing a pirate costume, or the desire to perform sexual acts on human feet.
  • Lingerie: This lacy, revealing article of clothing was designed specifically to get people in a sexy mood, but for some people, it does much more than that. Lingerie is its own sexual fascination to some people, who often are not even interested in sex unless lingerie is involved.
  • Masturbation: An addiction to this form of “self pleasure” means that a person takes care of their own sexual needs rather than having a partner do it for them, and they do not have control over how often they pleasure themselves.
  • Intercourse: The most obvious sexual addiction is to sexual intercourse itself, an addiction that often hits those with a high libido. Intercourse may be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
  • Multiple partners: Some people have multiple sexual partners to meet their high libido’s demands, while others have multiple sexual partners because they are fascinated with the idea. Having multiple partners at different times or at once are both variations of this type of sexual addiction.
  • Pornography: Films and magazines that contain text about or pictures of sex acts are called pornography. Pornography is widely available through the internet and through retailers, and some people are so addicted to it that their collection of pornography is the largest investment they own.